In 2020 Donegal County Council has income of €154.4m or €970 per person. This is where it comes from:

Equalisation Fund(€16.29m or 10.6% of Budget)

Local Property Tax (LPT) top-up payments for authorities with lower LPT bases

Equalisation Fund:

Local Property Tax(€10.49m or 6.8% of Budget)

Discretionary Local Property Tax (minus LPT Self-Funding - see Grants & Subsidies where applicable)

Local Property Tax:

Goods & Services(€51.41m or 33.3% of Budget)

Charges, fines and levies for certain council services


Non-Principal Private Residence Charge:


Local Authority Contributions:

Agency Services & Repayable Works:

Library Fees/ Fines:

Recreation/ Amenity/ Culture:

Fire Charges:

Landfill Charges:

Commercial Refuse:

Domestic Refuse:

Sale/ leasing of other property/ Industrial Sites:

Planning Fees:

Irish Water:

Parking Fines/ Charges:

Housing Loans Interest & Charges:

Rents from Houses: