Local Property Tax (LPT)

Each of the 31 Local Authorities raises revenue through Local Property Tax in its administrative area. The allocation of this revenue is impacted by rules set by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.

Read on to learn about how LPT is allocated in each Local Authority area.

Dublin City Council – Local Property Tax 2017 Case Study

Dublin City Council – Local Property Tax 2017 Case Study

  • 20% of this amount (€15.9 million) goes to the Equalisation Fund to top-up Local Authorities with lower LPT bases.
  • Local Authorities can vary the rate of LPT in their administrative area by +/-15% of the basic rate. Dublin City Council chose to apply the full 15% reduction (€11.9 million) in LPT for 2017.
  • The total LPT allocation for Dublin City Council post-variation (i.e. after applying the 15% reduction in the basic rate) is €51.7 million in 2017.

How Is This Spent?

The €51.7 million has to self-fund some services as directed by the Department of Housing.

  • €19.8m has to be directed towards capital expenditure (this figure does not appear in the budget of Local Authority Finances.com because it is a balance sheet item).
  • €8.8m goes into self-funding housing and roads
  • €23.1m is for discretionary purposes.

See table 1 below for detail.

Table 1 –Dublin City Council Local Property Tax allocation 2017


(Source: Local Authority Finances.com)

Table 2 shows the 2017 Local Property Tax allocations of the 31 Local Authorities in Ireland.  The seven rows break down the LPT into its various parts:

Key to Table 2


Table 2


(Source: Local Authority Finances.com)