Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

National Oversight and Audit Commission, including the Local Authority Performance Indicator Reports

Local Government Management Agency

Institute of Public Administration, including the publications Administration and Local Authority Times

Association of Irish Local Government

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners, including the Local Property Tax (LPT) and LPT Statistics


OECD Fiscal Federalism Network

World Bank link on Decentralisation

European Committee of the Regions Division of Powers

Institute for Fiscal Studies on Local Government Finance

Local Government Studies journal


Central Statistics Office

Publications online

Council of Europe Charter of Local Self-Government

Council of Europe Local Finance Benchmarking

OECD/UCLG Subnational Governments around the World Structure and Finance

Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government Putting People First – Action Programme for Effective Local Government

Government of Ireland Local Government Reform Act 201

Local Government Funding

Local Government Size

Local Government Financial Performance

Local Government Income and Expenditure

Local Government Taxation