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Publicpolicy.ie sourced 2018 Budget data from:

26 County
3 City
2 City & County Councils

The site reflects the new Local Government structure that has been in place since the abolition of 80 Town Councils on 1 June 2014. The 31 Councils represented also include allocations for the newly formed Municipal Districts.

Housing Assistance Payment

Limerick City & County Council operate the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Shared Services Centre on behalf of all 31 Local Authorities. The HAP Programme amounts to €402.77 million in Limerick’s 2018 Budget – however, just €307,411 of this total is for HAP in Limerick. Limerick’s 2018 Budget minus the HAP Programme reduces from €561.3 million to €158.9 million. Expenditure on the HAP programme reduces from 72% of the Budget to 0.2% of the Budget when only Limerick HAP expenditure is considered.

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