In 2023 Carlow County Council has a budget of €67.2m or €1,085 per person. This is how they spend it:

Housing (€19.97m or 29.7% of Budget)

Local Authority and Traveller Housing

Hap Programme:

Voluntary Housing Scheme:

Agency and Recoupable Services:

Housing Grants:

Housing Loans:

Rental Accommodation Scheme and Leasing Programme:

Support to Housing Capital Programme:

Administration of Homeless Service:

Social Housing Administration and Development:

Maintenance of Local Authority Housing:

Roads (€14.79m or 22.0% of Budget)

Maintaining local roads, public lighting and parking facilities

Road Maintenance:

Agency and Recoupable Services:

Support to Roads Capital Programme:

Car Parking:

Road Safety & Promotion:

Traffic Management:

Public Lighting:

Water (€4.94m or 7.4% of Budget)

Water supply and waste water management

Support to Water Capital Programme:

Agency and Recoupable Services:

Administration of Group and Private Installations:

Public Conveniences:

Collection of Charges:

Waste Water Treatment:

Water Supply:

Development Management (€7.14m or 10.6% of Budget)

Planning, tourism and heritage, and local economic development

Agency and Recoupable Services:

Heritage & Conservation Services:

Property Management:

Enforcement & Building Control:

Unfinished Housing Estates:

Tourism Development & Promotion:

Development Management:

Local Economic Development:

Environmental Services (€8.26m or 12.3% of Budget)

Fire services, waste and litter management

Waste to Energy Facilities:

Climate Change and Flooding:

Water Quality, Air & Noise Pollution:

Fire Prevention:

Fire Services:

Safety of Structures & Places:

Burial Grounds Maintenance:

Waste Management Planning:

Waste Regulations, Monitoring & Enforcement:

Clean Streets:

Recovery & Recycling Facilities:

Landfill Operation & Aftercare:

Recreation & Amenities (€5.42m or 8.1% of Budget)

Leisure services and libraries

Agency and Recoupable Services:

Arts Programme:

Community Sport & Recreational Development:

Outdoor Leisure Areas:


Leisure Facilities:

Other (€6.66m or 9.9% of Budget)

Administration of commercial rates and motor taxes, local representatives'' salaries and expenses

Agency and Recoupable Services:

Motor Taxation:

Local Representatives:

Piers & Harbours:

Operation of Markets & Casual Trading:

Morgue & Coroner Expenses:

Franchise Costs:

Administration of Rates:


Educational Support Services:

Animal Welfare & Control:

Land Drainage:

Provisions for Balance: